A Girl's Day in Chicago

On a somewhat cloudy and overcast Monday, my best friend Ellaby and I decided to go take a trip downtown Chicago for a get together and also because she was gone for two months in Germany for an exchange program. Also, since Lollapalooza has just ended, the city was barren and pretty calm for a girl's day out. 
My outfit was kind of grunge chic. I have been loving camo print and oversized shirts and jeans. My Zara shirt is actually a unisex tee and I love the relaxed cut. I paired it with an American Eagle Bralette that adds a bit of femininity to it as well as some layered necklaces. My bottoms are also American Eagle and my Birkenstocks which gave me hella blistered feet, but well worth the look. 
Ellaby and I wanted to do some of the "touristy" like things and take a couple pictures in front of the Willis Tower and by The Bean. It's never a bad time for some Instagram photo ops with my bestie! We were happy that it never rained and shopped around before we headed to my main motivation, Bombobar. 
While I love paying for aesthetically appealing food, it really did taste good. I have heard many and seen many posts about this cafe place before; I just couldn't resist. They have infused donuts and gelato. I chose pistachio gelato with sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles, and a maple cream infused donut. It was a flavor explosion! Ellaby had a matcha flavored gelato with Carmel and captain crunch. I would really recommend skipping lunch or dinner at the Bar Siena which is the main restaurant and go straight to dessert! 
There are still many unknown treasures in the heart of the city that I have yet discovered and I am excited for living four years in the middle of it. I will never be bored or hungry! I had a lovely day and I was wondering what favorite cafes you have in your town? Instagramable? Delicious? Both?

Photo credentials to my lovely friend, Ellaby.


  1. I love your photo's! x


  2. That donut looks so good! I love sugary cereal as an ice cream topping. I just had some fruity pebbles on my frozen yogurt the other day ;)


    1. I have never tried cereal on ice cream, but it was very good and added a nice crunch ;)


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