Our New Addition to The Family!

It has been only five months dog-less and our home has been missing a little pitter patter. To be honest, it has been really hard looking at everyone's dogs, especially new puppy goldens. About a week ago, my parents brought my sisters and I out to lunch and all was normal and dandy. As we are finishing our Portillo's hotdogs, my dad starts to say something; "You know we love all three of you girls and Rigly was like a son to me, however, I have always wanted a son".

And my heart kind of dropped. A new baby brother? No. My mom starts crying of hysteria, my sister is like forcing her chocolate cake down, my other sister is screaming, and I am speechless about to pass out. "We have always wanted to adopt...a new dog". My mom bursts out laughing and I'm sitting there still in shock.
So, here is our new pup, Cooper! We didn't think we were ready for a new dog, but we were really feeling empty and needed a fluffer to run around and play with. My parents took us immediately after lunch to the amazing breeder, who has been breeding and caring for goldens for like 15 years, and my dad had the final say on which dog. We choose the pretty mellow pup. We like the runts and the not-so-yappy dogs and boy are we so excited to get him. He is currently about 6 weeks old and we get to pick him up on September 2nd. I will be sure to include updates and cute posts up about our new doggo. 

When we got Rigly from my aunt, he wasn't nearly as small, so the whole puppy thing is pretty new to us. We named Cooper after Cooperstown, New York where the Baseball Hall of Fame is and his middle name (yes, we're extra like that) is Bell after his mom Bella because she's already had two full litters within this past month! I can't wait to take him places and take really cute pictures of him. 

Any puppy advice I should know?

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