DIY Plant Stand Under $15

This summer has given me a lot of time to figure things out, while also do whatever I want before I go off to college. A couple days ago I watched a video on dollar store diys and I was inspired to make a trendy, marble plant stand that only takes a couple hours to make and is fully functional and cute for any space. 
Here's What You Need:
  1. The first part of the project requires taking out the actual clock part of the clock because that will be your top of your plant stand. It is important to keep the back of the clock, the glass (which I actually broke) and just take off the hands. 
  2. Now is the time to cover the face of the clock with either the contact paper or another type of paper or covering of your choice. All colors are optional, so feel free to make it your own.
  3. Once you have covered the face of the clock which will be the top part of the stand, you can now start on the paper towel roll holders. I bought mine for two bucks at Walmart and spray painted them gold
  4. On the back of the clock where the battery pack is, you have to carefully place the towel holders after they are dried onto the back of the clock. To form a stable structure I had to bend the holders out to about 45 degrees. I made the mistake of doing it on the clock and broke the glass, so bend them before placing them. 
  5. Once you have placed all three holders onto the clock, you can glue them like crazy with E6000 at all the connecting points. To keep it in place, I taped it and left it to sit upside down over night. 

I had a lot of fun with this project and was pleased with how it came out. I never have time for diys, so this was really nice to do on my own time. Besides breaking the glass top, I don't think I had any other issues or problems with the project. You can make it more your own and choose a different color clock, taller paper towel holders, or use it for anything else! I love how simple and minimal it looks and fills up this little corner space I have in my room. It's a great project to do with anyone and is really simple and inexpensive. 

Here's the YouTube Video I watched! Thanks to The Sorry Girls for inspiring me to make it.

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