Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask

Of all the masks I have tried in my life, there have been many that have impressed me and some that haven't. One that I have heard of are the "bubble" masks and Elf has come out with their own version which I am very impressed by. 

I love doing face masks with my friends and this one is the best for sleepovers or cozy nights in. I have realized that Elf has really stepped up their skincare game and I was interested to see how it works. 
The packaging it comes in is really sleek and innovative. The dispenser is so convenient and leaves no guck to clean up or get stuck in the lid. It comes out like a gel and is very refreshing on the face. 

Once it is on your face, you kind of get a fizzing sensation and then the gel becomes white and bubbly. 
After about 10 minutes, the mask will "rise" and become bubbly and it might tickle a lot. I love how fresh and clean my skin feels after it and the clean up is really simple and mess-free which I appreciate. 

I would really recommend this mask for oily skin types or anyone looking for a fun mask to do. You get a lot of product for a drugstore mask and normally drugstore masks are expensive and don't have much in the container. Elf ceases to impress me, so I would really suggest getting this mask! 

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