Our Southern Getaway

Over this past week my mom, sister, and I made our way down to Rogersville, Missouri to visit some really close friends and we had so much fun visiting. It's always amazing how you can have really close friends that live so far away and still have a connection with them. Every visit feels just like the one before (maybe a little height difference), but it seems like our relationship just grows and grows. We forget what grades we're in or what we have to do outside of visiting because whenever we are together it doesn't feel like we've been separated at all. I love those kind of bonds. 
This is one out of three beautiful dogs they have, Boot. I don't know why, but I really resonated with this dog. She's kind of a hound and reminds me of my grandma's pup. She would follow us all over their property and would always welcome you when you walked outside of their gorgeous cabin. 
On one of the days, we went to Top of the Rock in Hollister, Missouri. It is this beautiful golf resort designed by Arnold Palmer and has a really great golf cart tour of the waterfalls and you go inside a cave with a built in bar! It was really amazing to see some of Missouri's hidden beauties along this mountain. 
A lot of our trip was spent relaxing around their house, swimming, and driving their Ranger around and taking some sweet pictures. My best friend Cole actually took most of these pictures and is truly a pro. 

Since my family and I live in the big city, it was really nice getting to go south and enjoy some peace and quiet with all of their livestock and actually seeing stars in the sky at night. 
As my final summer hoorah and getaway before college starts, this was truly the cherry on top. Before I live in the busy city for the next four years, I am thankful for having to go far away to make these special visits to our beloved friends and family all throughout the year. 

I just want to personally thank the Perry family for having us down for the weekend because I think I needed it before I start writing papers and focusing on school. Time has flown by, but time will not break our bond. 
I begin school in about two weeks and am beyond excited to see what my journey has in store. As I sit here and write this, listening to my Spotify playlist, I have realized how ready I am to start a new adventure. 

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