College Bits n Bobs

As school begins for me, my excitement to use new stationary and school supplies has reached new heights. I have already moved into my college dorm and am so excited to share what my room likes in the upcoming weeks once I am comfortable and tidy enough to take some pictures. It has been a really awesome time discovering more about my city and I wanted to share some bits I bought for college. 
So, I was really looking for some bougie stationary and I was at Sam's club with my mom and I saw this ten dollar kit that had all cooper stationary: pens, scissors, a stapler, a pencil cup, and a tape dispenser. It was such a great price and to be honest, I really am obsessed with all of it. 
An essential is notebooks and I have found some very cute ones that I adore. I was at Target (not surprising) and found this pineapple one and a palm tree one. A lot of tropical themed stationary is high up on my to-get list. 
Lastly, along with a MacBook, I wanted to spruce it up a bit and add some stickers from Redbubble and had to make an aesthetically pleasing cover which is green and tropical. I love Redbubble and if you buy ten stickers you get half off of all of them. 

I think it really adds personality to any laptop or notebooks and can also be great to personalize things, too. 
There are many more bits where these came from and I am ready to take all of you on the journey with me as I am at college. What are some essentials you like to have with you at school?

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