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Freshman Dorm Room Tour

It has been requested by many of my friends and fellow blog readers to do an official dorm tour--so here it is! Might I first disclaim that I am a walking Target ad and pretty much everything I bought for my dorm was from there because it was convenient and Target is life. Over the past three months I have compiled my "aesthetic" for my dorm because life is too short to live in a drab dorm room. I love to express my personality through interior design and I was really excited to decorate a new space to call mine for the next year. 
I felt like my desk should be very minimal and have mixed metallics. I also wanted something to cover the bland chair and so I found this faux fur pelt at Five Below which I love sitting on. I also knew I wanted wall grids and found these perfect ones at Target for ten bucks. 
I also needed a print of some sort on my bed, so it would be a bit more different than just plain, neutral white or blush. My theme was blush, green, metallics, and grey. Of course, I had to pack my Pillow Pet. 
It was a bit extra of me to get this little furry stool, but it was probably the best thing I bought. It functions as a seat, a step stool, and a foot rest. I found it at Hobby Lobby and am really happy I have found uses for it. 
I had an image in my head of a cute drink bar area on top of our fridge and I am so content and satisfied with how it looks. I bought this cute Target mug and put all of my hotel Starbucks cups on it for my roommates to enjoy. 
I have seen many different bloggers decorate their wall grids in many ways and I was experimenting with what I should put on it. I knew I wanted my Rifle Paper Co. calendar and this little inspirational card. I also decorated it with polaroids and fairy lights which is the perfect mood lighting. 
On my desk I have simple stationary items and really cute metallic school supplies. I love the black and gold. This is probably one of my favorite lamps I own from Target. 
As far as my wardrobe goes (I was given one because I live with two other girls and brought the least amount of clothes), I kept it neat with white hangers from home. 
I bought these awesome wired baskets from Five Below and they really hide my clothes and extra stuff I don't need to be out. They're cute and very functional. 
My side of the room is next to the window and I get the ledge to put my vanity. Since I plan on using my desk a lot, I found it easier to put my copper vanity mirror from TJ Maxx there with my brushes. 
I also love banners and found these cute gold pineapple ones and the tropical leaf one from Target. I think it adds a very cute and personal touch to my space without making the wall look crowded. 
I am sure that my dorms in the future will all be different and I hope this gave some inspiration to people who want to spruce up their dorm as well. I am having a lot of fun and am finally comfortable in my dorm. It was hard transitioning, but adding my own touch to the space has made all the difference. 


  1. Your dorm room is better looking than my bloody bedroom at home! You've done a fabulous job with it, very aesthetically pleasing!

    Courtney xo | Lashes and Luxe

    1. Why thank you! I am so happy with how it turned out :)


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