June Obsessions | Gossip Girl, Yoga, Applesauce, and Ellie Goulding?

Wow! The first month of summer is almost officially over! You know what that means... Obsessions!!!!! I decided to discuss my obsessions for this month and hope I can share them with all of you!

1) Gossip Girl (t.v and book series)

Revenge, love, hate, romance, betrayal, and envy, are just some of the fews things that, the very priviledged teenagers in the Upper East Side of New York, are documented by an anonymous gossip blogger "Gossip Girl". 


This 2007 televised drama series is, not only the reason I stay up until midnight on Netflix but, is based off of the book series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. There is also a short graphic novel version "Gossip Girl: The Manga" as an anime version of the novels and has three volumes. I personally loved reading them especially because of the beautiful illustrations by HyeKyung Baek. The illustrations made the stories more interesting and a bit more relatable so that readers could actually picture what drama is going on in the book. 

Now I have not fully read the entire series of Gossip Girl but, I have read all of the graphic novels and I am into season 2 of the Gossip Girl t.v. series on Netflix. 

For a big teen drama like this and an almost 5 star rating on Netflix, I'd say this show has to be one of my favorites. Not only does the plot of the show (and the novels) make you want to watch and read even more and more gossip, the story connects you with the characters and helps viewers and readers decide for themselves about who's in the right or wrong. Almost a secret fanbase... Thanks to the "Gossip Girl" that always keeps viewers of the show updated on the dishy secrets of all the characters.

I feel as though the actors all have perfect parts and have very well displayed and did Ziegesar's novel justice with the show. The acting in the show is magnificent and the costumes and settings (like filming in The Hamptons) really set the bar and made the show so much more realistic. 

Oh! Plus Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and Chace Crawford are in it, so you know... ;)

I hope you guys go watch it free on Netflix (or any other legal episode sharing website) and comment down below on what you think because I love it!

2) Yoga

Yoga has been something that has been very personal to me in the past few months. Shout out to my friend Macaila because she's the one who started it all. 

I thought I was getting into a free week of yoga.

Boy was I wrong. 

I bought a mat and a strap from target and that was it. 


I didn't realize I had gotten into an expensive, but relaxing, yoga journey. And gosh do I love it and don't regret a single penny spent. 

Yoga has taught me and brought me so much. Not only am I always staying fit and active with the help of yoga, I have realized that I have become more grounded with myself and I know that I can only control my life and accept myself and appreciate every thing I have. 

Yoga isn't just physical. It's mental and personal in many ways. Focus, balance, common serenity, and calmness. Working on your core and your mind. 

Other than all of that deep stuff, yoga is fun and amazing! To me yoga has brought many things and it's a way for me to think and have some me time... while I'm getting a great workout! Plus the guys are cute too :) 

Yoga should be fun and if you're not looking to spend a butt full of money, I have also been doing solo practices by looking up classes on youtube! So there are so many opportunities for all of you soon-to-be Yogis!!!! (Pronounced Yoo-Gees). 


Okay so maybe I am a child but, GoGo Squeezes are possibly my guilty pleasures. 

It's applesauce in a squeezable pouch with a cap for travel!!! And they come in so many different flavors! And it's healthy!!!


My personal fave is AppleMango. I love them so much and when I was little, I never liked applesauce because of it's texture. GoGo Squeez makes eating applesauce so much fun and they taste amazing! (No wonder little kids love it... Moms too because they can trick them into eating more fruit, and vegetables!) 

4) Ellie Goulding

Last but NEVER least. My favorite, beautiful and amazingly talented, Brit singer of all time, Ellie Goulding. 

I have always been obsessed with her music. (Currently listening to her lol). 

Not only is she an amazing person, she is just so real. She sticks to her heart and writes her songs according to what SHE feels, not what a paid songwriter feels. 

She's so unique that it's not even fair. Her alternative, electronipop, pop, albums are all so impressive and describe Ellie on so many levels and I would kill to see her in concert. (I mean not really kill but, you get it). I just hope she would do a U.S. tour soon. 

My favorite songs of hers (I love all of them but, here are a few I enjoy the most right now)

>Soho Square (Live) - A tribute to Kirsty MacColl 

> Halcyon - Halcyon Days 

> The Writer - Lights

> Without Your Love - Halcyon Days

> Tessellate - Halcyon Days

> Guns and Horses - Lights

I hope you guys check her out because she is worth it and deserves everything because she is truly an amazing artist, songwriter, singer, and person. 

I'm glad you guys liked my June Obsessions and hope I inspired you all! Come back for more lovely things!

Xoxo Nat


  1. I know how you feel. I am very obsessive, especially with T.v series, love Pretty Little Liars sooo much!! I used to do yoga, my mum's friend found out about this place near where we live where they would do a group session for free. I use to love it, but it was in the evening so when it started getting cold we stopped going and haven't been since. But it was really fun and relaxing. My favourite song from Ellie is, Love me Like you do!! xx J

  2. Wow that's awesome haha! I haven't watched PLL in a while actually but, my sister still does. I hope that yoga stays with me for a while because I really enjoy it. I hope that you find something like that. Something that makes you happy and let's you— be you! Oh and yeah I love that song too but, not as much as her classics!

    Thanks for commenting!
    Xoxo Natalie

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  5. Great post gurl!! I've been wanting to try yoga for a while now! And Ellie Goulding is awesomeee xx

    1. Thanks! You should totally do it! I love it! Plus Ellie Goulding is bae xxx

    2. No problem!! I definitely will! andd yessss she's amazing xoxo


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