Sophomore Apartment Room Tour

The ever anticipated room tour post is now officially up for all to see. I know it was a long time coming, but with getting settled into school and adding some finishing touches to the space, I like how it's all come together and am ready to reveal it. I know it won't really stay the same, as I love to add pieces and touches here and there, but for the moment I really like how my room looks.

If you came here to see a full apartment tour, this is not it. For the sake of my roommate's privacy and a pretty underwhelming apartment, I thought it was best to skip the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. It's pretty basic and has everything I need—that's all you need to know. I thought it would be nice to at least show you all how my bedroom has turned out. 

So, my apartment is actually an on-campus apartment that was once an old condo building, so it has a lot of history and character. Every door in my apartment is different and we probably have five different types of door knobs throughout the space. This year I have my own room, instead of sharing it with two other people, so I got very excited to have the freedom to just do whatever I wanted with this little square space. 

While I had kept a lot of the decor I had from last year, there were some more things I brought from home. If you know me, then you know I always change up my decor a lot and spend excessive amounts of money on textiles and pieces. It's just something I love. This year, I wasn't feeling the pink and green floral comforter I had from last year. I needed something a bit more practical, sophisticated, and neutral. 
I know that I probably won't change my bedding after this, but I was inspired by Kate Spear's tufted comforter and love the minimal texture of the design. It actually took me the entire summer to find one like it that wasn't over fifty bucks. I was really bargain hunting guys because bedding is so much money nowadays. 

This bedding was the Lauren Conrad Swiss Dot Comforter from Kohl's and I'm not sure it is still available in grey, but the time I got it I was able to apply so many coupons on it, so it was definitely a great deal. The cozy knit throw was from HomeGoods and I can't remember what brand it was, but here is one similar. 

I had inspriation of what sheets I wanted and some throw pillows I imagined to go with it. The long embroidered and embellished throw pillow is from HomeGoods. The mustard box pillow and cover are from Ikea. I'll just plug in my favorite store, Target, for their incredibly soft blue microfiber sheets. And then my very fluffy bedrest pillow I bought from Target last year, as well. 
As for my desk area, I knew I wanted to stick with my gold wall grids again because I just love them so much. They're the perfect way to take up some wall space without having to really damage the walls and make hanging up pictures so much easier. I added this pom pom garland for an add of texture. Pom poms are coming back into interior design and I think I'm obsessed. 

By the way, I decided I needed something over my bed and I was originally going to put the pom pom garland on the wall above it, but realzied that my wall is kind of beat up, so this Vintage Washed Tapestry did the trick. The great thing is that it was on clearance at Target and I think it fits in the space really well. 
It was pretty easy finding places for everything and I managed to know exactly where to put my Rifle Paper Co. Yucatan 2018 calendar. I absolutely adore how artistic and detailed these calendars are and I ask for one every year for Christmas. Along with my calendar above my dresser is a basket with my makeup mirror and some products, a jewelry tray, and a canvas that says "explore". 
Something that I added this year was this eyelash mirror to my desk. Mainly because it was a bit too heavy to hang on the wall with a Command Strip. I love the way eyelashes look and how they're coming into a lot of designs lately. And it's gold, so what more could you need? 

I also have this pom pom dream catcher that I just randomly found at Five Below. I needed something to fill up the wall space above the radiator, as well as, something to cover this awful pole that takes up space in the corner of my room. I opted for a fake garland and some fairy lights to make it more appealing and cozy. 
I know my little room is cozy, and I apologize for how poorly lit it is, but it's my little space and I'm proud with how it came out. I know that I'm probably an ad for Target, but I have to say they have some pretty amazing stuff. I hope this has inspired some of you guys living in dorms and apartments because I know sometimes the spaces at school can be hard to decorate or fill when you have no idea how to. 

I've seen many dorm room tours and how intricate people make their spaces, but keep it true to yourself because not everyone has the "perfect looking" dorm room and it can become pretty costly. I know I'm always changing things up, but I'm content with how it is now and it makes me even more comfortable living here. 

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